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“Reducing complexity and cost and increasing resiliency were key to our network optimization initiative. Network Edge and Equinix Fabric helped us accomplish all three—eliminating manual operations, saving a minimum of 60% in expenses and preventing network outages”

Headshot of Pasi Louko
Pasi Louko Senior Network Architect, VR Group
  • Sign up for your Fabric account to access your 14 day no obligation trial. What this trial enables you to do: Select and deploy up to two fully functioning 2 small single devices (or 1 redundant pair, or 1 cluster device are supported). Deploy devices in any metro locations where Network Edge is supported. Use SSH or Web-based Console to customize your devices at the CLI level. Up to 4 Virtual Connections are available to interconnect devices (Device Link) and/or Cloud destinations. Try out other services such as VPN, tunnels or BGP. Pass traffic directly between clouds or back to your remote environments. Upload or download data securely from the cloud. Bring Your Own Connection (BYOC) is not available for the trial.

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