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Fabric pricing

Equinix Fabric is priced on a per connection basis. Simply choose the local (within a metro) or remote (between metros) and then select the bandwidth you need. Connections start at $175/mo and have no data caps. Setup fees apply.

Three Options – What's Best for You?

There are three primary ways to leverage interconnection with Equinix Metal. Each option is available in all Equinix Metal metros. While we’re always willing to help you find the right approach for your use case (just reach out via live chat!), the table below should make it easier to evaluate options at your own pace.

Key components

Due to our large and complex ecosystem, Equinix Fabric pricing does vary based upon region, connection speed, and connection type. Here are the components you need to know about:

Virtual Connections (VC)


50/200/500 Mbps and 1/2/5/10 Gbps available

Virtual Connection Type

Pay based on the end-point market locations of each connection. Point-to-point and multi-point-to-multi-point available.

Metal-billed option (Hourly Pricing)

With this option, customers consume local Equinix Fabric virtual connections on an hourly basis. All fees are included on a single Equinix Metal invoice.

Dedicated Ports


10 Gbps and 100 Gbps available

Port Type

Pay for only the port or add to your port unlimited virtual connectivity within a market at a premium.

Metal dedicated port

With this option, we offer dedicated ports directly into the Metal infrastructure at the following prices per port. Charges for dedicated ports are billed by Metal in USD.

Conditions of use

In order to use this option, customers need to have an Equinix Fabric user account in addition to an Equinix Metal account. Billing for Fabric VC (Metal Billed) starts when the VC is activated from the Fabric portal and continues until the VC is deleted. Read the docs for more information.
  • There are a number of Technical Components of Fabric, the main ones being Virtual Connections and Ports. Learn more about available Port Types.

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