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Control your cloud

For when one–size doesn't fit all workloads, take control of your infrastructure and build the cloud you need, your way.

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Why dedicated cloud?

The ease of infrastructure as code, plus…

Control your


Avoid noisy neighbors and reduce latency with single tenant infrastructure and direct connections.

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What can you do with it?

resource "equinix_metal_device" "device"  {
    hostname = tf-device
    plan = c3.small.x86
    metro = sv
    operating_system = ubuntu_20_04
    billing_cycle = hourly
    project_id = f2a2d7ad-123-456-789-10ebdf49cf84
  • Dedicated CI Server Hosting

    Develop, test and distribute code on high performance hardware, without exposing it to the internet.

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    Flexible Capacity

    Get scalable dedicated infrastructure, where and when you need it.

  • Hosting for POC Environments

    Stand up customer POC environments, product prototyping and customer workshops.

  • What are people saying about us?

    Headshot of Carlo Landmeter
    Carlo Landmeter Alpine Linux Maintainer

    “Having access to bare metal servers is particularly important for the team, because they need to build software for multiple architectures, including 32-bit and 64-bit versions of both x86 and ARM CPUs. With Metal, Alpine can run its builds directly on bare metal and finish them faster than would be possible on virtual machines”

    Headshot of Thilo Fromm
    Thilo Fromm Engineering Manager, Flatcar / Microsoft

    “We benefit from the ability to scale via an API. On Equinix Metal we run our build services, our tests and also have our content distribution nodes with Equinix. We have a self-built CDN which benefits from the global presence of these bare metal data centers.”

    Headshot of Dwight Ringdahl
    Dwight Ringdahl CRO, PubWise

    “When you only have 100 milliseconds to do something complicated, you can't waste 20 or 30 milliseconds routing packets from one data center to another”

    Headshot of Shaun O'Meara
    Shaun O'Meara Field CTO, Mirantis

    “We can create virtualization layers within virtualization layers,,another task that wouldn't be practical using public cloud VMs”

    Headshot of Alexander Matoni
    Alexander Matoni Co-Founder & Head Engineer, Cycle

    “You never have to worry about huge security vulnerabilities on your infrastructure or being completely out of date”

    Headshot of Rishi Singh
    Rishi Singh Founder & CEO, Tiingo

    “We switched for faster performance, lower cost and probably the best support I’ve ever had”

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